North America

Safety Guidelines

Please follow these rules for your own safety:

  1. Never sail alone and be sure to have a rescue plan.
  2. The current or wind can carry you and your board a long distance. Be sure your sailing friends will pick you up should you get into trouble.
  3. Note the equipment and sail size other sailors are using. Remember the wind conditions on shore are usually lighter than on the water.
  4. Watch out for other sailors. Provide help if you can, and alert others for assistance.
  5. It is the Windsurfer’s responsibility to keep clear of commercial vessels including barges. Most vessels cause suction from their propellers and create stern wakes.
  6. Many may have have a cable extending several hundred feet to a partially submerged log raft. These vessels can block the wind, leaving you unable to manoeuvre.
  7. Commercial vessels have the right of way over everyone.

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