Not everyone lives near an ocean or a lake, so why not going for Windsurfing on a nearby river?

There are hundreds of rivers worldwide that offer simply perfect Windsurfing conditions. The largest are already conquered by river rippers, like world famous Columbia River Gorge(USA), St. Lawrence River (Canada) or Rhine River (Germany) to name a few.

Depending on the wind force and the rivers characteristics, you will find various conditions from flat-water, to bump & jump to wavelike sailing conditions. The current is part of what makes Windsurfing on a river so great. With the current driving you down the river and the wind pushing you up the river, you can sail downwind all the time. Especially for freestyle windsurfers, rivers are a perfect playground to improve their skills!

river-rippers.net is a social network deticated to river windsurfing around the world, founded back in 2003 by Frank Bingel, an addicted river windsurfer from Rhine River in Germany.

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Columbia River Gorge/USA

(C) Photo by Richard Halllman :: Location: Columbia River Gorge / USA