Photo Contest 2011

Photo Contest 2011

Now that the season is coming to an end we are searching for the most spectacular river windsurfing shots of the season 2011.
Join us on facebook and enter a photo for a chance at winning a Makani Fin and several other cool prizes.The facebook community is going to vote for the best six shots.
Winners will be announced through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Plus, we are going to feature your photo (and your story) on our website!

How to enter:

Step 1: Become a facebook fan of river-rippers.net ! If you already are a fan then skip this step.

Step 2: Add your favorite river windsurfing photo to our contest page by using the ‘Submit an entry’ button below. Deadline is February 29th 2012.

Step 3: Get all your facebook friends to vote for your photo!


1. place

MAKANI Kaku Wave Fin

(or a 99 US$ coupon instead. Winner may choose fin size and fin box system.)
The MAKANI Kaku fin is a wave fin designed for less than perfect onshore wave conditions. The larger base makes going upwind a breeze. The unique profile derived from slalom fins is fast and keeps you planning so you can easily jump the nasty breakers. The Flex tip keeps you in control when choppy waves come from different directions simultaneously. The nicely swept back leading edge lets you surf with confidence and comfort. G-10 construction for a long lasting fin that won’t let you down even if you crash on the beach after an exhausting session!

Please visit the Makani website for more info.

2. place

Minds Wide Open DVD

the highly anticipated new windsurfing movie by Andre Paskowski

After some creative downtime the Team around Peter Svensson (Supervisor for Camera and Editing), Sebastian Doerr (Camera & Editing), & Andre Paskowski (Producer) come up with a revolutionary new Movie Production. 6 of the best windsurfers, a selection of unique spots, a arsenal of modern camera techniques and 4 creative minds are setting the expectations high.

Watch the trailer

3./4. place

Makanai Fins T-Shirt
Choose between various designs & colors for men & women.

5./6. place

river-rippers.net T-Shirt
Choose between various designs & colors for men & women.

To participate please visit the contest page on facebook.

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