Another day at the Wall

Another day at the Wall
(video hosted by Mike Godsey)

"Another day at the Wall" filmed by Mike Godsey:
"It was a great season for making videos since I was on the injured reserve list with a blown knee. But on August 31 I finally was able to hit the water on the most epic day of the season at The Wall. I was blown off the water by 10AM on my 3.7 due to my knee but I was on the camera in the afternoon when the wind really kicked in and 2.9/3.2 sails and 5M kites were the weapons of choice. So use the link below to navigate to the Gorge Videos and click on "Just another day in The Wall" set to full screen and full volume to enjoy Gorge windsurfing and kiting at its best."

source: Mike Godsey

Author: Administrator