Surfing China's River Wave


Surfing the Qiantang River Bore (Silver Dragon) in Hangzhou / China. It is a natural wonder that it is both beautiful and intimidating at the same time. The bore is formed at the mouth of the Qiantang River where it joins the Hangzhou Bay. The tremendous narrowing of the river from a width of 100 kilometers and the gentle rising of the riverbed at this point constricts the river water and creates a giant wave that is called the tidal bore. Since 2007, Surfing China and Wabsono, with the permission of the Chinese government, has invited Pro surfers to surf the bore known as the 'Silver Dragon'.
The real question is, has a windsurfer ever tried to rip this super clean river wave on a windy day...we'll keep an eye on it !

Watch the "making of" here on Vimeo:

source: shanghaiist.com

Author: Administrator